our office design and office refurbishment processes

Workplace Consultancy

Many large corporate entities turn to the Grosvenor Workplace Consultancy Team to rationalise disparate sites, workforces and facilities. The team's Analysts can quickly assess and provide better workplace efficiencies.

Design Consultancy

Every Grosvenor project is a combination of creative and strategic ingenuity. An office design process begins with an audit of people and space, embracing the creative skills of innovative Interior Architects supported by the visualisation skills of Commercial Artists with the latest CAD technology. We also offer computer generated images and animations to bring our office design proposals to life.

Project Management

Effective and efficient project management calls for attention to detail, prudent resource management, tight budget control, open and collaborative communication and exceptional customer focus.

All of our Construction Managers are experienced professionals who are completely at ease with the challenges they know they will meet. They have been recruited because of their extensive industry knowledge, their proven ability to manage and motivate like-minded teams across all the key corporate interiors disciplines, and their ability for delivering projects on time, within budget, and to very high standards.

We believe in effective and regular communication. We at Grosvenor are accustomed to adopting a proactive rather than reactive stance and are fully accountable for all aspects of the construction.

I.T. Consultancy

The pace of technological advance means that we must be able to provide Clients with high technology solutions.

We also appreciate that any shortcomings in IT knowledge and capability today would be compounded tomorrow when new technology offers even more ingenious ways to create efficient corporate interiors.

From precision data cabling and cordless technology, through to complex dealing systems and remote networking, our IT Managers and their teams have become well known for providing robust strategies that keep Clients in step with technology. 

Office Refurbishment Fit Out

For many Grosvenor Clients, better use of existing office space is a more viable solution than relocation; therefore our dedicated office refurbishment specialists devise and deliver solutions for companies not looking to relocate premises.

The key lies in the design and space planning. Our teams are experienced in the strategy required to reorganise people, walls, facilities and equipment. Grosvenor aim to create an office space plan that delivers a  much more effective working environment from both existing and unused floor space, often phasing projects works in a building while the Client carries on with day to day business.

Relocation Office Fit Out

For many companies, juggling existing offices is not an option. The Grosvenor Relocation Office Fit Out Teams provide a solution, which begins with an analysis of the target property and detailed audit of the workforce and continues to a full design solution fit out and relocation to the new premises.


The Grosvenor process demands a single point of responsibility. Our Construction Managers are highly experienced in this role and coordinate and manage every aspect of the design and construction process.

The Project Team

The Project Team comprises of the Grosvenor Design and Construction Team and the Client’s Project Team brought together by the Construction Manager

A series of formal meetings will be scheduled by the Construction Manager at the outset of the project to ensure roles and responsibilities are allocated and understood, and all members are involved in project developments.

Local Authority & Fire Approvals

Together with the Design Team, the Construction Manager will finalise applications for all statutory permissions.

Coordination of Sub-Contractors

Regular communication between the Grosvenor Design Team, Construction Manager, Services Contractors and Sub-contractors results in absolute control over every stage and process.

Monitoring & control of work on site

On site, continual monitoring of progress, craftsmanship, production levels and costs, marks the difference between an acceptable outcome and an outstanding one.

Progress Reports

The Client will receive regular and thorough progress updates and financial reports.

Practical Completion Inspection

Working closely with other Consultants, the Construction Manager is responsible for inspecting the completed works.

In advance of the project’s completion date, the Construction Manager will produce a sign off sheet for every room on site.

The Construction Manager will assist the Client in reviewing each area so that they can verify absolute Client satisfaction of each room’s completion well in advance of the project’s completion date.

The Construction Manager will then generate a Practical Completion Certificate for the Client’s final sign off.

Final Statement

A detailed financial analysis of the project will be presented on completion of the works.  This will comprise of the original contract sum analysis and any additions or omissions made by the Client during the project.

over 1,000,000 sq ft of office fit-outs in 25 years

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Grosvenor Workspace Solutions are specialists in Office Design, Office Refurbishment and Office Fit-Out in Central London and offering lease finance

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Grosvenor Workspace Solutions are specialists in Office Design, Office Refurbishment and Office Fit-Out in Central London and offering lease financeGrosvenor Workspace Solutions are specialists in Office Design, Office Refurbishment and Office Fit-Out in Central London and offering lease finance
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